Can You Beat The Casino?

Where are you most likely to beat the casino? At a physical casino or online casino? How do you beat the casino? Get tips. 🙂

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Can you beat the casino? Here we explore real techniques and strategies, pros and cons of playing at physical vs online casinos and more. This is an opinion based post, from the experiences of myself and other regular/professional gamblers. Las Vegas is the obvious place where many gamblers and newly weds holiday and bet frivolously. Many people win big in Las Vegas!

Las Vegas

Online casinos often have a wagering requirement when you sign up to their welcome offers, depositing a minimum amount and having to play through a larger amount before you can withdraw your winnings. The only exceptions are free spins no deposit or free no deposit bonus offer. There is still however a wager requirement (some are high, some are low).

Betting in real casinos is different as there is no wagering requirement. But there are loose slots, if you’re lucky! Generally the penny slot machines are easier. Though there are some well known slot games that pay out, if you play at the right coin size and have enough funds to play.

playing loose slots at a physical casino
loose slots

Playing Table Games

Physical casinos have a lot of security to prevent casino cheats. Saying that, there are a few players who might question their experience at a real casino. The possibility of cheating or rigging can go either way! I can’t elaborate on this as many people run a tight ship and legitimate casino. But there are always exceptions, I suppose. You might win at a physical casino but the odds are against you. They also use more card decks than when you play at home and roulette is machine driven.

Online casino table games have the highest payouts or RTP % (up to 99.8%) but they are not counted in your bonus as wager requirement. And if they are it will be at a lower percentage of your wager requirement. eg WR games % may vary. This is because they generally payout more!!! In theory it is probable that you have the opportunity to win more in a shorter amount of time. But remember you can win or lose.

The advantage of playing at an online casino is that you can play from any device, without having to go outside and without someone taking your winnings when you leave the machine for casino chips/coins.

Betting At Online Casinos…

Can you beat the casino? And is it possible to beat the wagering requirement? Absolutely! We have the proof right in front of us. For example, our recent visitors/players have been successful and beat the casino! We can not only see that they won but we can see how much they have won from the casino session. The average winner vs loser is probably around 55% winner 45% loser. Players don’t want to lose their money, some are quite talented and skilled in keeping it!

Impatient or greedy players are most likely to lose. Especially concerning wager requirements and welcome offers. Bonuses will also need to be played through within a certain amount of time. And busy people won’t have the time to complete the wager requirement. Yet they can still beat the casino and win betting their real money and cashing out.

play slots online

The thing about online slot sites is that there are so many offers, you need to choose carefully and read the small print.

How Do People Win On Slots?

Typically, the player signs up to the promotion or offer, they take advantage of the bonus spins and cash, and usually they have more to play with, so their bonus wins and real cash wins get them over. You don’t need any particular skills to play on slots and if you enjoy the games, you usually get better chances of hitting wins and bonus rounds.

Playing within ones means enables them to enjoy the entertainment and various slots, until they find a particular one they are good at, or which is playing out more winning lines.

“You can beat the casino if you play within your means and play for fun. Getting greedy makes people lose their money.”

Demos slots are a great way to test out each slot game and discover game features and bonus frequency. You can then calculate or speculate on the types of slots which you might win on.

So there are two main ways to beat the casino. One is to pass on the bonus if you don’t have time to complete the wager requirements, fair enough, some or most casinos allow you to skip that. Some are just automatic. So please check first.

The second way is to accept the bonus and play higher bets with the bonus (not real cash) money. Play this way over a few games. The idea is that when you next deposit with your real cash, the games you played previously will pay out in your favour. I read this somewhere. I don’t know how valid or truthful this strategy is. But it seems to make sense. I remember playing VIP style and winning VIP prizes. And though the slots pay out less these days, or casinos or networks, whatever the change. But if you don’t have enough money or have money concerns, it’s advisable NOT to deposit any larger amounts.

On the other hand if you have plenty to spare, finding the right games can really be a fun experience and you can often leave with more than you came with.

Always have a deposit limit, win limit and ensure you withdraw your winnings!

Play responsibly be gamble aware (18+)

Can YOU beat the casino? Comment below in the comment section!

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