Do Millionaires Gamble?

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Do Millionaires Gamble? -Answer

Millionaires gamble yes, because they can afford to. And what people don’t realize is that many millionaires became millionaires through gambling!

Some became millionaires from playing the pools (football pools) and some via the lottery. They will use other methods such as casino, slots and bingo.

I have seen millionaires playing in the chat rooms and also successful gamblers who have made the big time.

My Aunt Won The Pools

My great aunt was one of those lucky people who won the pools, not once, but twice!

These players are usually very business like and make minimal bets. They do not waste money on larger bets and they play frugally and regularly.

And while I’m not encouraging anyone to bet, I have never before revealed my experience, growing up with my aunt and what kept her winning. She revealed some betting secrets and lifestyle lessons to me which I hold dear to this day. This includes being responsible with money and being correct with people and dealings.

The Millionaire Who Got Greedy

I’ve seen a millionaire complain he has lost a million at a particular slot/bingo site. This was likely to do with the way he played and his expectation. This is how people often get sucked in and lose on slots (playing the same game) doing the same thing and expecting the same results. Frustration brings losses, no matter who you are or how rich you are, its your attitude that is important.

What you don’t want to do is make enormous bets! If you make one or 2 max bets you may or may not be lucky. But betting max over an hour is going to cost you a lot and it may not be the “lucky hour” to win a jackpot. This could be set to a certain time of day and you could loose thousands.

Do Millionaires Win?

I should imagine there are a high amount of winners who don’t talk about how they win millions and would rather keep it to themselves. casinos only reveal stories of those who give consent to share their big win story. Many others don’t.

How The Millionaires Play

The method for winning is quite simple. You play well within your means and often enough for fate to catch up. You have favourite numbers, teams or you play slots responsibly.

How People Become Millionaires

Many millionaires travel. They never stop working or making a difference in others lives and enjoy doing what matters.

They are usually not afraid of taking risks and generally have a broader outlook on life.

Living by example: Treating people well and living purposefully or being charitable, many consider this a personal responsibility they enjoy sharing.

I have noticed one thing about millionaires that sets them apart from others, they are conscientious and frugal, they are not highly emotional but are highly practical and they don’t like bull****.

They want to live responsibly, humbly and with purpose.

Slot Players Always Giving

Giving is a fair part of winning, but just know that intention should be genuine. If you don’t wholeheartedly intend to, or only do it with the thought you will win more, it won’t work. Many people don’t like the feeling they’re being bought or may feel jealous, upset or even offended by your generosity. They want to make their own way. Millionaires often do not “give away” for this very reason.

Maximum Casino Deposits

It varies from casino to casino or network to network. Some allow up to £5,000 and others more. You can contact me if you wish to know which casinos take high deposits. I will provide some details and be happy to assist you!

Remember gambling is for 18 or over BeGambleAware

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