How Do You Win On Slots?

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How Do You Win On Online Slots And Slot Machines?

How to win on slots that’s the big question of all!

Winning on slots seems very easy for some and near impossible for others. It might be the games they play, where they play or possibly the mood they’re in. Let’s explore the world of slots from a gambler’s perspective

If we compare bingo & slot players to a pro gambler (an experienced card gambler for example) will be looking at the data, opponent, methodology and maths. They will be a lot more logical and methodical and they will even be taking notes. And similar to financial gamblers, he or she will learn various tactics and strategies. And repeat the ones that bring the most results. This is how professional card players play and this is what professional gamblers do. Each develops his or her own individual style/strategy. Ultimately there are no guarantees of wins on video slots and slot machines. But regular players usually work out a system to get over their wagering requirements.

A Bingo or slot player will usually play with smaller money first of all and will get a positive hit when they win something unexpectedly. What these players tend to do is repeat the same action but alas they may not get the same result. Many will consider luck and positivity their most powerful tool. While positivity or luck does play a partial role in winning on slots arriving at the split second the jackpot bursts, for example, it is not the largest piece of the puzzle. Common sense is the biggest piece in the puzzle. Not “feeling”. Frustration can cause losses and heartache. Play for pleasure or profit but be aware and set your limits.

Staying low and occasionally changing coin size momentarily or changing the slot game it’s self is often advised by chat hosts and those in the industry. I would agree that sticking to the same game and coin size after a time is not great.


Luck seems to stay with positive people. But there will come a day when things aren’t so positive or you may be feeling tired/ill. Keep an eye on this if it happens you might want to take a break.

Coin Size

Playing on lower coins usually seems to be a safe bet for getting through wagering requirements. You can at least get a chance to play and enjoy a few games rather than betting higher stakes or betting max and playing only one or two games.


Always check the bet size before hitting spin. Pick out various games you’re interested in and set yourself a limit. Remember to take regular breaks.


To nudge or not to nudge. In my experience I would nudge for bonus symbols in the beginning but I’d stop after 20 or so nudges. The software doesn’t really like it. And it will start to slip past all your winning lines. You could lose more of your payback rate and miss those mega wins you’ve been hoping for! Nudging can become a kneejerk reaction. So only nudge after reel 1 and 2 have landed and try not to nudge bonus reels after the initial few plays.


Gamblers often have their own formulas and techniques but nothing is guaranteed. While new bonuses seem promising, it will be a long night or a few sessions before you actually get to withdraw your cash. Having said this if you do get a good formula you can treat yourself and loved ones. The game is really about patience, self discipline and self control.

Random Generators (Or New Customers?)

Some casino sites offer a higher chance of winning to new customers. Other casinos have happy hour games. Other sites have red hot games or new games promotions. You could read some of the website info or ask the cashier or chat host. The more helpful hints you can get the better really. I hope this shows you how different sites can vary. I usually play all the newest games.

Reel Slot Machines VS Online Slot Games BOTH use random generators, though they may not work entirely the same way. New customers have just as much of a chance to win a jackpot. Continuous playing = inevitable losses. If you look at the payback rate, this makes sense. While other players are putting their pennies in, you have a small chance to win a jackpot, small or large.

Every now and then they have to pay out. Patience is a virtue with Slot Machines. But you can’t always win!

Progressive Jackpots

These will generally eat your coins faster as the jackpot grows but once the jackpot bursts it seems anyone might be able to cash in a little. If you enjoy jackpot games you may win more when they’re quite low as opposed to full. Playing for a big jackpot is a sure way to eat your money away whilst the machine is filling up from enthusiastic players all wanting the BIG prize. But a few spins at the right time could make you a millionaire. Though the chances are slim you could win a jackpot.

Playing slots for profit can take up a lot of your time. And there are no guarantees but it is possible if you think it through, set a limit and stick to the plan. Not 100% of the time but probably 55% -75% This is the same in Financials, Horse Racing and other calculated bets, there will undoubtedly be days where you will lose. But you don’t worry about that when you have a cycle of profits coming in. Professionals don’t cry about losses or chase losses and they focus on winning tactics. Should you experience repeat losses you should change games that you play and play smaller coins or change casino. Major losses, however, are serious and can cause many problems. It might be sensible to seek gambling advice and freeze your accounts.

Remember enjoy your spins and only bet what you can afford to lose. Slot games are for entertainment only.

This is blog and is opinion based, intended for readers 18 & above. Always play responsibly. BeGambleAware

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